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BioTechX Conference

    Caryl Harris, Executive Director and Carie Chester, Board President will be presenting at the BioTechX international conference to bring the human side of rare disease to researchers, clinicians and AI data specialists. The conference is scheduled for November 8-10, 2022.

    BioTechX is Europe’s largest congress covering diagnostics, precision medicine and digital transformation in pharmaceutical development and healthcare. BioTechX successfully brings together an amalgamation of genomics, translational medicine, data scientists, IT, bioinformaticians, cheminformaticians, clinicians, healthcare and pharma companies. The event will showcase innovation, demonstrate success and break through the obstacles and barriers to ensure that the innovations in genomics and big data, enter the clinic with speed and efficiency.

    For the first time in its history, Patient Advocates from across the globe have been invited to speak on the human side of the rare disease journey. This bridges the gap between patients and researchers.

    Carie Chester and Caryl Harris have the opportunity to speak about Avery’s Hope, its mission and programs. Caryl Harris will be representing WRAP: Worldwide Rare Advocacy Partnership and speaking on Community Costs and Hurdles.

    Below are the other presentations and each will be added after live presentation.